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At Credential, we provide a complete range of services related to your shipping needs. Here's what we offer.

Supply of Deck / Engine/ Cabin and Fresh /Dry Provision Stores

We maintain inventories of ship supplies for deck, engine and cabin stores. These supplies include tools, lashing equipment, ropes, safety items, cabinet ware, instruments, fasteners, etc. For cabin and galley stores, we have supplies such as cutlery, linen, curtains, furniture and fixtures, toiletries, etc., in stock. Fresh and dry provisions are sourced and supplied as orders come in.


Marine Chemical and Lubricants

We stock and provide a wide range of premium quality marine chemicals and lubricants. These products are coming from the reputed manufacturers across the world. They are available in a sealed condition to guarantee authenticity and high performance. All the supplies come with MSDS for the safety of crew on board.


Safety Equipment Services/ Fire Fighting

We have a wide range of safety equipment such as ocean signal products, hydro static release units, lifebuoys, life jackets, life rafts, lights, pyrotechnics, breathing apparatus and firefighting equipment. We are authorized vendor of the best companies in this business and guarantee the quality of each product. The safety equipment comes with certificates to ensure safety of crew on board.


Lashing Material/ Wire & Mooring Rope

We maintain the stock of high-quality lashing material and wire/mooring ropes. Container Lashing and Securing Gears such as Twist locks, Lashing rod long/short, Turnbuckles, Single/Double stacker, Bridge fittings, Actuator poles, Extension rods, Corner hooks, Lashing eyes and Lashing chains are there in our stock. All our supplies come with certificates.


Anchor and Anchor Chains

Various types of anchors such as Plow-type, Danforth, Kedge, Mushroom, Fluke, and Claw for different requirements are available in our stock. Anchor chains are either BBB, high test, proof coil, galvanized, etc., of stud link type or 3- to 11-link adaptor types or chafe chains. We also provide anchor windlasses that are either electric, hydraulic powered or manual.


Supply of Marine Electrical Fittings

From various kinds of lights, sirens to lamps and lighting fixtures to environment friendly batteries, chargers, switches, circuit breakers to cables of various meters, we are the premium suppliers of every piece of electrical fitting that a ship may need.

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